Rotary Enterprise Leadership Conference
Silicon Valley West 2018

Apply Now!

The Deadline to Apply is February 9, 2018.

Teacher Recommendation Form

Ask for a teacher’s or school administrator’s recommendations
and have them complete this online form by February, 2018.

  • Applicants enrolled in an educational system under the laws of the State of California.
  • High School juniors in the current school year.
  • Dynamic keynote address with a motivational message from a well-known local business leader.
  • Conference students grouped into teams, with each intended to have 3 girls and 3 boys, from 6 different high schools. Each team has two adult, who are Rotarian volunteer “coaches/mentors” called Rotary Team Advisors (RTAs).
  • “Hands-on” team activities building collaboration and business skills.
  • Focused, short presentations by successful business leaders on all aspects of forming a business: finance, marketing, talent management/human resources, presentation skills, etc.
    • Team presentation of a competitive business plan while demonstrating creative and collaborative skills.
    • Meals, bus transportation to and from the venue, and lodging for the entire program, at No Cost to the students. Students’ personal expenses such as toiletries, extra snacks from vending machines, and souvenirs are the responsibility of the student.
  • Are interested in learning about business.
  • Want to start their own business later in life.
  • Like to meet new people.
  • Like to work on a team with people and come up with cool new ideas for business products and services.
  • Are willing to invest three days in themselves and their knowledge base that could help them in the future.
  • Are open to learning about entrepreneurship and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.
  • Are somewhat uncertain about what they want to be or do in the future.

**There are NO requirement for a certain GPA or set of courses completed.


YOUR IMMEDIATE ACCEPTANCE – Students, who are accepted, should reply as soon as possible. If they cannot attend, they should immediately contact Rotary to release the space for an alternate student.


ATTEND PRE-CONFERENCE ORIENTATION – Accepted Enterprise Conference students and their parent or guardian MUST ATTEND one of the two Conference Orientation Sessions usually held after work in the early evening. This is your opportunity to meet the Rotary Team Advisors or RTAs, other accepted students and Conference Committee leaders, as well as have questions answered. At the session, you will hand in your signed and completed Student & Parent/Guardian Signature Form, with your signature, as well as that of your parent or guardian.

COMPLETE AN ONLINE SURVEY – Each applicant, prior and following the event, will be expected to complete two online surveys, which should take them less than 15 minutes. The first survey will be used to gather anonymous information from the students that will be shared with all of the students as part of the curricula and the second, to adjust the curricula.

ATTENDANCE – Conference registration is ONLY at the drop-off/collection location. Conference students are expected to attend all scheduled sessions of the Conference and their team. Being on time and prepared to participate with peers is a sign of respect for the team, the Conference and the Rotary Team Advisors (RTAs). A student may not leave the Conference early. Student can be collected from the drop-off/collection location at approximately 7:00 p.m.

CLOSED CONFERENCE CAMPUS – Once signed in at the Conference, a student may not leave unless picked up by a parent/guardian with appropriate identification and signed off by one of the Conference Co-Chairs.

ROTARY TRANSPORTATION – All Conference students, once signed into the Conference, must use Rotary-provided transportation to and from the venue. Transportation is by contracted bus (Royal Coach or similar transportation). Under no circumstance are personal vehicles of students or friends or driving allowed at the Conference.

NOTIFICATION OF SPECIAL NEEDS/MEALS – Physical limitations requiring special accommodation or special medical dietary needs should be included in your application in order that Rotary might inquire into the necessary accommodations at the venue. All meals have a standard vegetarian plate.

MEDICATIONS, ALCOHOL, WEAPON POLICY – Any medication, whether prescribed or “over-the-counter/retail” must be fully identified on its container. The student must inform the Rotary Team Advisor (RTA) of the need to take medicine. Students may not have in their possession or in their rooms any unapproved medicine or alcohol/wine/beer or other controlled items, or weapon. A student confronted by another student with any of these items or any other dangerous practice, is required to seek out adult help (usually their RTA) in distancing him/herself from the situation.

PARTICIPATION AND CONDUCT – The end of each Conference day may vary, but “lights out” and sleep time are strictly supervised and enforced. Any Conference participant disturbing the group or other venue guests (the public) subject to disciplinary action to include having parents pick them up immediately. Conference participants are to conduct themselves at the Conference so as to bring credit to themselves, their school, their parents and the Violation of these rules may result in termination of participation in Conference activities at any time, day or night.


  • An open, inquisitive, and creative mind with a winning attitude.
  • Personal toiletries, necessary medications, hair dryers and other grooming products.
  • Casual, comfortable, and appropriate clothing for both the working and team-building sessions at the Conference.
  • Keep in mind that there can be cool, if not sharp, winds and fog off the ocean in March and warm outerwear may be necessary.
  • Pens and pencils. (Other materials such as flip charts, markers, and tape are provided.)



  • First Name Initial/Middle Name Last Name
  • Gender School
  • Address City Zipcode
  • Date of Birth
  • T-shirt Size
  • Phone (Home), Phone (Cell)
  • Email address Interact Club
  • Friend of Rotary (Name, Relationship, Rotary Club)


  • Primary Parent/Guardian Name
  • Secondary Contact Name
  • Primary P/G Relationship
  • Secondary Contact Relationship
  • Primary P/G Phone 1
  • Secondary Contact Phone 1
  • Primary P/G Phone 2
  • Secondary Contact Phone 2


  • Medical Care Provider
  • Policy Number
  • List of any allergies
  • Dietary requirements
  • List of medications the applicant would need to take while attending the Enterprise Leadership Conference, including Medication Name and Frequency Taken.


  • Why are you interested in applying to this business conference?
  • How do you think attending this conference will influence your future goals?
  • In ten years, at your high school reunion, what would you like to tell your classmates you have done?


  • Name
  • School email address
    Please note that you will need this information at the time you are completing the application, therefore you should confirm this before starting.